Nok Air and Thai Airways Launch "Nok Air Smiles to Miles"

20 July 2018 | Nok Air
Nok Air and Thai Airways Launch "Nok Air Smiles to Miles" and Offers a Double Privilege to Earn "Royal Orchid Plus Mileage & Nok Point"

THAI Group strengthens with the cooperation of "Nok Air-THAI" through the campaign "Nok Air Smiles to Miles", by offering Nok Air passengers, who fly with Nok MAX and Nok X-tra tickets a double privilege, earning ROP mileage and collecting Nok Point at the same time; this started on June 21st.

Mr. Piya Yodmani, CEO of Nok Air, revealed that the campaign "Nok Air Changes Smile to Mile" is an important cooperation between the 2 airlines of THAI Group which offers the passengers to earn not only Nok Point, but also Royal Orchid Plus Mileage. They hope this campaign will attract more new customers due to its convenience and double privilege. 
"The cooperation is aimed to elevate our members’ privilege or “Nok Fan Club” as well as members of Royal Orchid Plus earning double value for the first time from Nok Point and Royal Orchid Plus Mileage. Apart from satisfying over 400,000 of our members, we believe the strength of Royal Orchid Plus members, over 3.5 million people around the world, will help expand Nok Air’s customer base too,” Mr. Yodmani added.       

"Nok Air Changes Smile to Mile" is a privilege offered to passengers with Nok MAX tickets which includes baggage allowance and in-flight meals, and with Nok X-tra tickets which includes baggage allowance. For Nok Max, passengers will earn 250 miles/person for ROP Mileage and passengers with Nok X-tra will earn 150 miles/person. These miles can be exchanged for many rewards from Royal Orchid Plus of THAI Airways. The members of both Nok Fan Club and Royal Orchid Plus will get the miles within 14 days after the actual date of their journey. For booking and more information please check or Nok Fan Club call center 1318, press 8.