Nok Air and Nok Scoot Launch Interline Booking Service for Convenient Tickets Purchase of Both Airlines in One Click

09 August 2018 | By Nokair
          Nok Air and Nok Scoot are joining to offer passengers more convenience and less booking process with Interline booking service in routes between Chiang Mai - Tokyo, Hat Yai - Tokyo, Chiang Mai - Taipei and Hat Yai - Taipei by only clicking for ticket purchase of both airlines. In addition, passenger don’t need to reload baggages when in transit between airports with check-through baggage service and also get ROP mileage from THAI Airways.

          Mr.Piya Yodmani, Chief Executive Officer of Nok Air said that Nok Air has joined Nok Scoot, budget international carrier, to open Interline booking service which is the service giving more convenience and less time in booking tickets from multiple airlines. By clicking, passengers can book tickets from both Nok Air and Nok Scoot in one website and  connect domestic to international destination easily, beginning with routes between Chiang Mai - Tokyo (Narita Airport), Hat Yai - Tokyo (Narita Airport), Chiang Mai - Taipei and Hat Yai - Taipei.

          “No matter where you are, Chiang Mai or Hat Yai, with Nok Air and Nok Scoot Interline booking service, traveling to Tokyo or Taipei isn’t difficult anymore. You can fly to Don Mueang International Airport and transit to Tokyo or Taipei without baggage reload by check-through baggage service, and moreover, you’ll get free ROP mileage from THAI Airways too.”

          Nok Air and Nok Scoot Interline booking service can be made only via Nok Air’s website, call center or ticket agents and purchased by credit card, direct debit, counter service and ATM. For credit cards issued by foreign banks, passengers must show the card at check-in counter. In addition, booking can be made at departure airports in other countries as well as choosing seats after booking, which can manage on booking page of for Nok Air flight and for Nok Scoot flight.

          Passenger’s baggages can be loaded at maximum weight of 20 kilograms for both Nok Air and Nok Scoot, or buy more weight on the booking page as mentioned.

          After check in, passenger will receive boarding pass to the destination, except for international flight, passenger must get another boarding pass for the next flight at Customs Immigration Quarantine (C.I.Q.) in Don Mueang International Airport.     

          For more details please click and or contact call center 1318 for Nok Air and 02 021 0000 for Nok Scoot.