Nok Airplane

Nok Airplane

Nok Fleet

Nok's Aircrafts and our maintenance staffs will fulfill your flying experience with safety and joy to your destinations. We use the same aircrafts and maintenance team as Thai Airways International (PCL), international-standard maintenance system with the same level of other major airlines. Also joint-maintenance with Air France for acquiring engine, components and aircraft maintenance planning. They are regularly trained according to an advanced standard course which is officially accepted by the FAA.

Boeing 737-800

Nok Air’s Boeing 737s are configured with 189 seats with free on board WIFI*. Each of our aircraft has a unique vibrant design that reflects our service personality.

  • Nok Yim Wan
  • Nok Rak Yim
  • Nok Om Yim
  • Nok Naanfah
  • Nok Flamingo
  • Nok Sod Sai
  • Nok Baitoey
  • Nok Cartoon
  • Nok Ra Rueng
  • Nok Sabai
  • Nok Dee Dee
  • Nok Petchnaamngern
  • Nok Bussarakam
  • Nok Yoknapha
  • Nok Tongchompoo
  • Nok Budhnampetch
  • Nok Tubtim Siam
  • Nok Phupha
  • Nok Fah Kram
  • Nok Tawan

Detail of Nok Air Boeing 737-800

ATR 72-500

A hugely popular turboprop aircraft serving regional airports around the world. Nok Air ATRs play an important role in linking the communities around Thailand. It has a seating capacity of 66 passengers.

  • Nok Romruen
  • Nok Sailom

Detail of Nok Air ATR 72-500

Q400 NextGen

Famed for its Fast and quiet noise emission attribute, the regional aircraft serving secondary routes throughout Thailand. Nok Air is the first airline in Asia to operate the NextGen version of Q400.

  • Nok An-Na
  • Nok Kao Neaw
  • Nok Kao Pun
  • Nok Kao Poon
  • Nok Cappu
  • Nok Latte

Detail of Nok Air Q400 NextGen