The Origin of the Project “InLearnship ”

Nok Air has the policy in accepting interns for supporting , developing, and raising the qualities of educations in Thailand. Moreover, the company is pleased to offer the opportunities to university students from both Thailand and overseas in joining the “Inlearnship” project in order to encourage students to learn, obtain genuine working experiences, share knowledge, teamwork, and create good attitudes and new perspectives in working; as a result, the organisation’s image can be positively created. In addition, students will obtain the opportunities to develop their knowledge, capabilities, and knowing their genuine interests of working field which will be the initial point in establishing good and secured futures. For the students who achieve this internship program and have the outstanding capabilities; they may have the opportunities to work with the company after their graduations.


  • To encourage, develop, and give and opportunities to Thai and overseas students in learning and joining “Inlearnship” program.
  • To allow the students to create the good attitudes and new perspectives in working
  • Students will have the opportunities to develop their knowledge, capabilities, and seek their genuine interests of working fields which will be the initial point in establishing good and secured future.
  • To create good relationships among students who are from different educational institutes and different study fields in order to help each other in the future.
  • To have more knowledge and understanding in Airline business.

Target Groups

  • Thai and overseas students who are studying in tertiary level or higher in both Thai and International programs from the educational institutes from Thailand and overseas.
  • Training program will be categorized as
    • Domestic students (Thai nationality) with all educational levels
    • internship period is 2-3 months (or more than specified months)
  • International students with undergraduate level
    • internship period is 3 months or more
  • International student with postgraduate level
    • Internship period is 5 months or more

Application documents

Recruiting and sustaining process of the interns

Screen application forms > Deliver to specified department > Call for interview > Declare the interview’s results > Orientation > Interns’ monitors of each department > Appoint interns in the middle of internship period > Join “FAM Trip” Activity > Giving the presentation of internship > Evaluate after internship

The criteria of achieving internship process

  • Students must be trained at least 80 percent of total internship period. In addition, students must be evaluated by monitoring officers and the results will be concluded as “achieve” of “fail” internship.
  • The evaluation can be categorized into 2 cases:
    • Evaluation form of the original affiliation
    • Evaluation form of Nok Air
  • In the case of students who were assigned to be in charged in each project, the students are required to submit the conclusion of the projects to the origin affiliation and People department.

Recruiting period

Application Deadline
Result Declaration Date
Jan – Apr
May – Aug
3 months before
1 months before
Aug – Nov
beginning of internship
beginning of internship
Nov – Mar
(1st or 15th of month training start date only)

Departments for Internship program

Nok Fan Club
Job descriptions:

  • To provide support Nok Fan Club Registration Form
  • Correct personal information and Nok Fan Club member earning points
  • Update the number of newly registered members in the stations
  • Deliver gifts and invitations to Nok Fan Club VIP members
  • To resolve member duplicate registrations
  • Register new member from Partner Events
  • To verify membership information in order to solve problems

Commercial Sales
Job descriptions:

  • To provide support on sales and marketing reports.
  • Gather and collect documents
  • To support and co-operate with the internal and external organizations
  • To launch marketing campaigns and create market surveys in order to make sales database

Job descriptions:

  • Provide support on special marketing activities of the organization
  • Provide marketing activities to make motivation and access to the customers
  • Launch marketing activities in order to create recognition in the characteristics and symbolic of NOK AIR for the customers
  • Allow customers to access marketing activities of NOK AIR in order to create customers’ awareness

Learning and Development
Job descriptions:

  • Support internal trainings
  • Contact and coordinate with attendees
  • Prepare locations, equipment and documents for the trainings
  • Provide the facilities for the speakers and attendees
  • Calculate and conclude the evaluations
  • Keeping record of employee’s profiles
  • Coordinate with external organization trainings
  • To research for training topics and institutes
  • Collect attendee’s profiles

Human Resource Project
Job descriptions:

  • Supporting and Coordinating of activities for MOU, Come & Click Your Career with university
  • Coordinate Internal and External Department for Internship Program and provide Recruitment & Selection Process, Reporting, Document, Databases and Welfares for trainees, and ETC.
  • Supporting with Internal Trainer about document, material, facilitator and activities
  • Creating poster, power point, materials for PR Internship program
  • Managing internal communication via group Line, Facebook, Social Media for Internship program

Scheduling & Movement
Job descriptions:

  • Support the administrative tasks such as replying documents, recording and mailing or other administrative tasks which are required
  • Support conference including taking the message from the meeting, conference invitation, preparing the conference documents, locations and other activities that are required
  • Support the flight planning; specify departure/ arrival times, flight frequency and flight permission

Customer service (Ground attendant)
Job descriptions:

  • Support the ground operation such as Check-in, Stamp –ID, Boarding Gate, Arrival
  • Educating the communication skills and understanding the service mind which including organization’s culture and problem solving skill

Job descriptions:

  • Support and collect questionnaires
  • Coordinate with the Outsource companies; studying the details of each type of the questionnaire which are different in cost and specifications
  • Analyze data, summaries, and record them into Excel program
  • Plot the graph in order to use in Power point presentations
  • Present and discuss the possibility in development for the future which base on the analyzed data

Digital Commerce
Job descriptions:

  • Creating “Web Content” of Nok Air
  • Seek for information that can be employed to support decision-making of the department
  • Seek for pictures that can be employed as the inspirations in creating brochures in supporting online marketing
  • Seek for the information on the websites and employ it for improving and presenting the designs and contents on “” and etc.

Job descriptions:

  • Supporting and Coordinating in the preparation of documents, receipts, invoices.
  • Receive a request and record the receipt / tax invoice.
  • Checking the accuracy of documents received from others department.
  • Store accounting documents systematically

Financial Risk management
Job descriptions:

  • Analyzing factors that can affect the oil price
  • Checking the leasing contracts of each type of aircraft and aircraft(s) which have got tax exemption from BOI
  • Checking other financial information and data
  • Preparing meeting agendas for “Board of Committees” and etc.

Job descriptions:

  • Seek for the information that can be used in business planning for the company as the manager assign
  • Presenting the possible information of business tools’ usage in order to implement, develop, and improve working tasks of the company at the present and in the future

Technical Operations
Job descriptions:

  • Helping and monitor air transportation systems and aircraft maintenance.
  • Communication with the crew during the operation.
  • Studied Manual maintenance (AMM), Airplane Parts Catalog (AIPC), System Manual (SSM) and wiring the electrical cables guideline (WDM).

Technical Department
Job descriptions:

  • Helping and coordination to collect databases and documents aircraft engineering
  • To support purchasing spare part of aircraft
  • Update databases payment of aircraft maintenance
  • Helping annual budgeting and coordination internal department

Technical Engineering
Job descriptions:

  • Understanding Principles, Guidelines of Maintenance Engineering
  • Supporting document Technical Engineering
  • Studying on how to use various maintenance manuals such as AMM, SRM, FIM.
  • Practicing with engineers in the systems such as engine. Electrical system, statistics system, aircraft usage and equipment, etc.
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