Nanning (China)

Located in Southern China, the administrative capital of Guangxi Autonomous Region, one of five autonomous region in China.

15 February 2018 | Nok Air

Located in Southern China, the administrative capital of Guangxi Autonomous Region, one of five autonomous region in China. Traditionally an area of the Zhoung people where the tradition, cultures and language continue to exist to this day. The city can be accessed by high-speed train with travel time to Guangzhou and Beijing of 3 and 13 hours, respectively. In terms of climate.

Flight Schedule
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Bangkok (Don Mueang) - Nanning (China)
Bangkok (Don Mueang) - Nanning (China)
Flight DD3110
Departure 09:40 Arrival 12:55
Nanning (China) - Bangkok (Don Mueang)
Flight DD3111
Departure 13:45 Arrival 15:45

Travel Guide

Mt. Qingxiu and Mt Daming

A popular tourist attraction of Nanning where you will find the goddess of merci ‘Gyun Yin’ statue built in the Northern Song Dynasty (960-1127AD). The Gyuan Yin was merticulously crafted from wood. There are also other attractions on the mountain with excellent viewpoint. As for Daming San, the mountain is known as ‘The wonder mountain of southern China and pararise on earth.

Bama Longivity Village

Famed for longevity of its residence in which there are 16 residents aged over 100 years. One of the plausible contributing factor is the clean air. The village is only a four-hour ride away from Nanning. People with ailments from across the country like to take a short rest in the village owing to the clean air and decent eateries. You can find several condominiums catered for the health tourism segment. You can also enjoy cultural shows at Bama exhibiting the stories and cultures of Guanxi people.

Detian Waterfalls

The Detian Waterfall Scenic Area is located in Daxin, Chongzuo, around 145 kilometers (90 miles) from Nanning, also known as ‘Mini Niagara’. It is the second largest transborder waterfalls in the world measuring 120 meters in length and 70 meters in height. The waterfalls links China and Vietnam and you can hear the sound from a far distance. Summer is the best time to visit the water fall given the lovely weather and greenery of the spring seasons.

Nanning Wuxu International Airport

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