Zhengzhou (China)

Being an ancient city, Zhengzhou is a major historical city dating back from the Song dynasty that can trace history back for millennia

15 February 2018 | Nok Air

Zhengzhou is located in central china on the Yellow River or Huang He and acts as the capital of Henan province where Henan dialect of mandarin is spoken along with Mandarin Chinese. Apart from being an administrative centre of Henan, the city is the host to the commercial and industrial centres of central China. The city is the major railway hub feeding passengers across the countires through it vast high-speed rail network. The city is only 3.5 hours train ride away from Beijing. Being an ancient city, Zhengzhou is a major historical city dating back from the Song dynasty that can trace history back for millennia

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Bangkok (Don Mueang) - Zhengzhou
Bangkok (Don Mueang) - Zhengzhou
Flight DD3136
Departure 17:15Arrival 21:55
Zhengzhou - Bangkok (Don Mueang)
Flight DD3137
Departure 23:05Arrival 02:00+1

Travel Guide

Seeking Justice in Kaifeng

Kaifeng is famous for being the city where the Bao Zheng or Justice Bao lived whose life of justice and uprightness was dramatized into a famous television series where you can visit the tribunal court and residence of the famous judge along with the 2.5 meter high statue. The city had been the capital of seven dynasty which reached its peak during the Song dynasty.

Songsan Mountain Range

Known for being a sacred mountain range in Taoism consisting of three peaks reaching 1512 meters into the sky. It becomes world-famous for being the location of Xiaolin monastery. The mountain was granted the world’s first Geo-Park in 2004 by UNESCO.

Xiaolin Temple

World’s famous for martial art, the temple is situated on the western side of Songsan mountain. The temple was established by an indian monk in the year 527CE for meditation practice, it later incorporate martial art training in to the temple. Apart from martial art, the temple has various sights of historical interests.

Huang He River View Point

Huang He River is the second longest river in China, the so-called yellow river derives its name from the yellow sands in the water and the visitors can visit the view point to enjoy the spectacular golden coloured river.

Zhengzhou Xinzheng International Airport

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Nok Airlines Public Company Limited (Zhengzhou station), G-island, 4th floor, terminal 2. Xinzheng International Airport, Zhengzhou, Henan, People’s Republic of China 

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